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Marbel Canseco, Product Designer & Nerdy Empath, NYC

Are you tired before, during and long after launches? Maybe building dream products feels like running an endless marathon.

What if I told you that growing your brand meant applying systems you didn’t have to stress over? What if you knew a way to remove stress and incorporate self-care easily into your daily routine?

Think of the limits you would break if you knew that trusting in your progress came naturally, so much so that ‘Zero Doubts’ became your middle name.

If the phrase “wouldn’t that be nice” is running through your mind like a jumbotron…Well #femboss, Cult Hybrid is the solution center you’ve prayed for.

Systems that Cultivate Change in your Life & Business

Since the dawn of the modern world Entrepreneurs have struggled to find ways to be a conscious business owner. They have a hard time being gentle on themselves and being fully present in every conversation. Balance is the dream but not so easy to implement on your own.

According to a 2008 *survey, 98% of all small business owners and business managers work during their time off. Including weekends, holidays and nights…

While 57% have reported* lack of the minimum sleep hours needed to function and make decisions the next day.

And, what’s worse is that in a recent **study of tech startups, scientists found that the cognitive part of our brains were impacting our day less than a drunk person because of lack of sleep!


That’s right, the drunk guy at the bar last night, that one who actually went out to have a little too much fun… yes, he can perform better and faster tasks than a working mother staying up all night with a sick baby or a startup pulling all-nighters to get that launch product out.


Even worse yet, because we think so hard before bed, we have primed our minds to start processing work worries immediately upon waking. Which means all those hours you are believe you are progressing hard, you really aren’t.


Entrepreneurs, like us, are wasting precious time on hardly working and thinking really hard about working really really hard. Which makes us feel tired, and so the vicious cycle continues.


No wonder we are spent beyond belief. No wonder when we are out to dinner, we can’t focus on the conversation. Or, when we have many tasks in front of us, it becomes that much harder to make quick and simple decisions that others around us find obvious. No wonder yoga class and meditation can feels ants in the pants stressful.

Let’s get real personal for a moment.

See, I used to be this way too! Exhausted, overrun with sticky note to-do lists cluttering my desk, mentally scattered over way too many projects. Management seemed more like taming the pile vs working the system so I could have free time. And in my “free time” laundry piled up, hiking ( my favorite activity ) was on the back burner and weekends felt like Mondays. 


Several years ago ( after launching a client project under a ridiculous time frame ) I realized my hair was much more gray than the usual genetics, my shower had way more fallen hairs than normal. I’d gotten very unhealthy, my skin was not as clear and my head felt heavy from the stress. 

The weeks that followed: my body showed symptoms of the flu, insomnia, nervousness and anxiety. Seeing that lack of sleep, fitness and saying no to that which did not serve me then, was royally biting me in the ass later. Or in reality, screwing with my mental stability.

See, emotionally, I was found myself more stubborn, very unfocused. Even though months had passed, my health was deteriorating and the results were clear as day.

As time passed I denied it, and finally an epiphany hit. At some point I lost who I was, what I honestly wanted and had forgotten about building the life I really wanted to live.

See, by avoiding the critical rule of 3 ( prioritizing mind, body and soul first ) I’d violated a natural law that makes the universe tick. The abundance law of “Me first or to the moon with your dreams Alice”.

And, since you’ve read this far, you may have been in the same boat at some point too. Most of my clients, business besties and lovely readers have too. You are not alone… We’ve all been there at one point.


It’s uncomfortable isn’t it? Feeling like you are in a hamster wheel. 

On one hand we are independent, masters of our own future. Hard to argue with that powerful feeling.

On the other hand, we do everything, are everything to everyone and place our health last. Hard to argue with that irrefutable truth.


So how does one “manage” it all, get the rest they need AND find ways to enjoy life -all while increasing profit margins easily. I’ll tell you one thing, it doesn’t start by putting yourself in priority LAST. 


That’s where Cult Hybrid comes in.


After endless researching, digging into the online business world and scouring numerous business chats, there just wasn’t a place where mind, body, spirit and enjoyment synchronized with business management. You either had to fit one group or the other. Either woo-woo or business nerd. And that doesn’t work.


There wasn’t a sensei mastery online dojo that got the wholeness of who we are and took growing our brands seriously. There wasn’t a sacred place where all parts of us collide. So I built it for a hybrid state of mind to get life changing results.


It wasn’t a walk in the park. Took several years to get systems in place and after many beta testers, multiple setbacks and tons of redevelopment, it’s here for your brand building pleasure.


Taking the time to apply these secrets to my own life, using natural performance rhythms and finding out how to take care of myself first is the sole reason why Cult Hybrid exists for you today. Using a “wholistic” system in business gets proven results! 


Building a home for wayward hybrids came naturally.

See, after hearing you out I found out a few core truths:

  • you love life and need the time to live it
  • you want to be adventurous but can’t seem to prioritize it
  • you want schedules, planning and financial management that feels fun and less like nails on a chalk board
  • you are building products that impact lives and want to know how to create a brand culture that connects
  • you want to know how to sell more on autopilot by killing them with kindness
  • you need sustainable growth systems that help you stay the person you always loved to be, not busy
  • you have wild dreams and big goals but need help executing them
  • you are made of 1 part crazy analytics smart + 1 part gone with the wind fabulous ideas
  • you are in need a planning system that melds loving support for your entire universe daily

Want new resources before they get published, access to offers never released to the public and updates on new products we are working on?

Welcome to Cult Hybrid, a mindful business podcast where female entrepreneurs become their own business guru. With our sacred productivity & brand mastery systems we’ll help you keep killing it online, chucking out stress ( and 3rd party nosey opinions).


Our platform functions with one mission in mind; where your sacred mentality, deeper purpose and conversion strategy collide ( and stay effective ). Together we’ll mold your business into a brand that sets deep roots, supports results oriented function and increases much more than only the bottom line -impact.


See, Hybrid entrepreneurs have a secret worldly wisdom. They know that “the universe always has your back”. But, that knowledge doesn’t make it easier to get the things we want done, done. So how do we create a way that primes our day for doing more of the activities we love and less of the ones we don’t?


Instead of letting “more on my plateness” and “just like the big guys, sameness” work you into the ground. We’ll stop cluttering your emotional desk with to-do lists and passion projects that never fully take off.

Instead, Cult Hybrid’s mission is to wipe your slate clean every morning, every product launch, every brand phase of growth. So you can start living with clear headed purpose. Instead, mindful selling becomes a natural activity you enjoy. And every life changing moment starts with first wiggling your big toe.

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Don’t believe us.

Instead, hear this love fest video from one of our Cult Hybrid customers. Sara implemented the starter kit from the ‘Infinite Universe’ system and within days she saw instant impact & real results not only in the way she worked but how she felt daily.

CLick Play & See the shock for yourself!


with Marbel Canseco

Design Director, Podcaster & Nerdy Empath.

Helping nomadic businesses smash goals, build brand confidence & sell products designed to trigger followings.

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Cult Hybrid.

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