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Conversions make or break a business. Make sure your website makes you money by removing these conversion killers from your site.




Section 1 : What’s a conversion killer

Strategic visuals, graphics and design elements that distract customers and affect conversions into sales and leads negatively.


Section 2 : Common design elements that kill conversions

The problem with DIY themes and why it’s important that you know how to tweak them. Transparent CTAs. Copy that is hard to read. Hard to find important information. Crowded websites. The importance of having goals for your website and for each page, and a strategy for the whole site.


Section 3 : Conversion killers you should eliminate NOW. 

Why it’s important to hire a designer that knows conversions. Menus and sidebars. Why you should think of yourself as your own advertiser. The rationale behind single column website and locked content. The strategy of premium content and why it’s important to think about the customer experience when planning website and funnels. Crowding your website.The importance of fluidity and legibility. Why less options is actually a good thing. Design and brand that doesn’t match content.


Section 4 : Distracting visuals

Distracting graphics and photography. Visuals and content that attract the wrong clients. Photos without a clear focal point. Cluttered photos.The importance of simplicity, coherence and authenticity in photography.


Section 5 : Lack of Authenticity

Using visuals and graphics to sell something you’re not, or you can’t provide. Positioning from  someone else’s perceived personal truth. Mismatching styles.


Section 6 : Lack of strategy

Pop-ups created without strategy. 404 pages. Video and Photo backgrounds.


Section 6 : How to make the best of what  you have now

Overlays, skins, cropping, flipping. Switching things to different places. Re-evaluate headlines. Check visual lines when putting call to actions.

Action Take Aways

Conversion killers and the “pretty” trap.

Understand why it’s super important to have a goal for your website, and a goal for each page,  why you should analyze what users do in your website every step of the way and why positioning should guide your visuals. Get examples of strategically designed websites, to inspire you.

Learn how to know what you should include in your menu and sidebar- and what to leave behind. Understand why we use single column sites, including for our blogs.

Our pet peeves: eternally long automation funnels that disregard user’s interest, appealing to everyone, inauthentic visuals, and body language mistakes in portrait photography.

Get the scoop on how to reinforce your brand’s message using the background of your photos and videos.

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1 minute Strategy

Remove everything that takes away from the focus of each page.
Make sure that lines, body language and eyes point to the text

Ask yourself, before adding visuals: Does this represent me, and does it represent the part of me that connects to my ideal client?

Extras to Note

 Remember: You are your own advertiser.

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