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Change your life quality by Prioritizing these 3 strategies Daily

Nov 29, 2016

Marbel Canseco

Product Strategy & Nerdy Empath. Thrive Systems for Growing Ventures, NYC

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W ait, this article contains bold strategies that cause change. For this process to work, each step carries conditions. If you are looking for a magic solution ( all done in one shot ) for life to be radically different, you won’t find that here. What you will get is a loving system that works wonders long-term. Understand dear, that for true change to occur there must be deeply personal habits you can stick too. Take the time do the groundwork, everything will fall into place. It’s about trusting your progress. The irony to resistance is: To master soul work prioritize how you feel FIRST each day and adapt your actions from there. Give the following a true shot and let us know what your results are.

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Let’s get real personal for a moment, why do we want to change our life?

If you are in need of setting boundaries, removing fear, stomping out guilt and optimizing your time then you are aware that something needs to change. By opening up to the daily groundwork, you accept that everything you desire is near; this state of knowing shows you that you are on the right track to fixing what feels broken. The catch lies in relying on how we feel like an excuse.

Remember that you are complete, precisely the way you are now, at this moment. Yes. That means that we may cause our emotional imbalance without of wack habits, behaviors and environmental factors we may or may not be able to control.

The catch to change lies in using how we felt in the past as an excuse to keep rehashing old stories and ways. Remember that you are complete, precisely the way you are now, at this moment. Yes. That means that we may cause our emotional imbalance with out-of-wack habits, behaviors and environmental factors we may or may not be able to control but perpetuate the existance of.

Think of this process as a pillar support to your day. A way to peel-off layers of clutter from who you truly are. By removing the old and unuseful, you will slowly bring the polishing glow of who you’ve always been into view. This inner light will be easy to recognize in yourself and by others simply because there will be no excuses, explanations or over analysis when it comes to who you are and where you are going to go.

This regal-like behavior is not disjointed or layered in ego reasons; you simply are solid because you know where you stand. And it is this knowing we are going to work on from now on. This is the part that is difficult. Your awareness of who you already are inside. Let’s wake you up, shall we?

First thing’s first, break it all down.

We all know what it’s like to wake up late for work and run out of the door, screaming loving profanities internally as the train leaves the platform. Oh, habits, where art thou babe?

This article isn’t going to be THAT type of list; you know the one. The pretentious run off about how to develop venture capitalist habits you can never keep up with, leaving you to feel like a slacker.

Instead, were are going to give you simple quickie strategies that you can implement in 5 minutes and execute throughout your work day ( minus the “screw-it” attitude that happens every time life gets in the way ). Using them as a guide that you can adapt to the way you think and feel.

Before we start, let’s go over a few key points that will help you to identify if this system is going to work for you in the first place.

System Validation Overview:
Am I crazy or just crazy busy?

This question seems like it would be simple to answer but it’s not. You may be the prototype for a Stepford wife, enviable, Pinterest-perfect hipster that’s got her shizzle together EVERY DAY, or maybe you were born with type-A personality in your DNA.

If that’s you, and you are not the type to tweak current struggles for your highest outcome then move on or share this article with a friend because you are the exception to the norm. #perfectionunicorn

Let’s be extremely direct for a second. Perfection, total bull. And, for everyone. And I mean everyone. The perfect life and perfect system and perfect XYZ that you admire from someone else, this way of thinking won’t serve you best. It won’t get you to feel great and do greatness. It’s a falsehood we cling to as a socially acceptable way to stay safe and away from risk. Joy and success are postive risks.

Instead, I propose understanding that your type of cray is a beautiful thing, a glorious gift that you must learn to reign in and conquer for your greatest good.

By sitting in a state of “Meh, I’ll fix habits later. I’ll deal with the backlash if they happen.” we end up hurting ourselves and wishing we’d found a tactic or system that someone else uses in the aftermath of self-destruction. The simplest solution is to set up systems that help you progress now vs forgetting to put yourself first so as to appease a todo list.

We’ve all dreamed of a size-order Louis Vuitton pencil box with matching desk accessories. And yes, that perfectionist vision is a struggle to remove.

It’s about understanding the process: I have a washing machine that washes my clothes. ( Big ups to technology, but there are caveats. ) For example, those dirty clothes don’t magically make it from my body into the machine and come out folded on the other end like a Wonka-vision machine.

Nope. Like all things, there is a natural process for action to reveal itself.
The reality is our crazy busy lifestyle causes our crazy minds. We must maintain our well-being by finding solutions and outsourcing what we cannot spend energy on naturally.

And there is a labor of love at each end of the spectrum. Tools and strategies will only get us so far. We must do the prep. We must follow-up. For anything to work properly for the way we live, we must have a system or find a way for it to be managed on its own by someone else ( a.k.a. outsourcing the labor ).

So how to resolve this “I want it done but don’t have the time to get it done” conundrum?


mental flip Proposal:
When in doubt, throw it out and have faith the good stuff will pop in.

Declutter is your best friend. Literally.
Ok not literally, but true.

The more you let go of, energetically and physically, the more will come into your life. The more you will manifest and recieve. The easier it becomes to give to others openly.

Apply this “Let it go” strategy to daily tasks, decision making, wish lists, documents, workspaces, and outfits -even over the top desires in your relationships.

Anything can be decluttered. Even conversations with clients can have massive changes show up. When there is a plan that has gone through a good energetic cleaning and organizational review your communication become clear and solid.

pillar Strategy Numero Uno:

Get down to the most important stuff: What you need to do today and I mean pronto, is let go of the result of what you want by decluttering that mental question, physical item or topic on your discussion board.

How can you get to the bare-bones of what you want to accomplish, what can be brushed aside for the benefit of the best-serving result? What can be worked on later?

Keep questioning tasks and validating ideas until you’ve got a handle on the core of the problem and a standing solution in front of you.

And please for the love of mole, don’t tell yourself you don’t have time.

Excuses babe. The more you get down to the core bones of this decluttering strategy, the more time you will have later. All you need is 5 minutes to do this.

If overwhelmed, or simply can’t focus: Choose one item to declutter on your wish list a day. That’s it. And an item can even be a difficult conversation or clearing out old boyfriend items from three ex’s ago or launching a product that’s been sitting in your google drive.

For business: start with your ideas, your team and effective daily processes and reach out from there. Whatever you do, jot it all down and tick away slowly. This process takes time and daily consistency.

pillar Strategy Numero Dos:

Clean minds generate innovation & clear communication:

Chinese, French, Kling-on?
Sounds good, but what does this mean really?

Let’s break this important concept down a bit first.

Know your communication style:

Have you ever talked to someone while they watched their favorite TV show?

There are two types of folks out there. The one who will half-listen to you and continue to watch their show. And the second conscious listener, who will pause or turn off the tv and look at you in the face to hear you out.

The results are different.

With the first person, you may repeat several times, become frustrated or assume they hear you out, only to find out communication was broken from the very beginning.

With the second person, you are instantly aware they are present and those fears of “Am I being heard?” doesn’t exist. Why? Because they took the time to focus on one thing at a time. i.e. You AND your needs of being heard.

The more clear we are about communication, the more we pay attention and are present in the moment, the less drama, the more mental space to innovate in our life & brand. It’s that simplistic of a life sequence.

So how to accomplish this?

Let’s give you a 3 step strategy to better communication daily:

Action Step a:
Think it out before responding: Plan out what your points are ( before approaching any conversation ) by quickly looking at an inanimate object. Weird, I know, but it works for focusing. Take 30 seconds to gather your thoughts before approaching your boss, client, employee or even BFF with some mega beef or important collaboration topics.

Avoid instant gratification: It is too easy to sound like a hot mess these days, and it feels terrible when the communication stream goes caput due to misunderstanding through other methods besides eye contact and your voice. Using WhatsApp, tweets and hangouts makes it easy to react quickly without thinking. So do your best to do your part and gather your thoughts FIRST.

If in person, and you are pressured to respond: step away to the bathroom first or tell your client that you will think about it and get back to them the next day ( once you’ve cleared your head ). This habit puts you in a position of having boundaries and respecting both their input and your own.

Action Step b:
Identify your listening style: Are you the interrupter, the suggestor, the absorber, the observer, the blank stare(r), the loud mouth?

Find out who you are first and what your natural listening tendencies are and ask yourself what you can do to ease communication better.

It can be as easy as telling yourself that no matter what the communication style is, you are grateful for the response and time with the other person. Trust me, gratitude is a muscle you need time to build, but you’ll be happier in the long run for prioritizing this type of workout.

Action Step c:
Review thoughts & Brain Dump Daily: This is critical to executing real change.
I have a journal by my bed called the LUNAR CONVERSATIONS ( which you can purchase here ), and it has worked wonders with my communication and relationships.

The method is simple, review your important points, triggers and conversational feedback for the day and take a moment to mull it over, generate a synopsis for future behavioral changes or find targeted points to work on for your goals.

Then wash them away with the power of the moon ( and sleep ).

Action Step Wrapup:
Be open to adaptation and consistency: Whatever your choice is to focus your communication ritual on, the point is to dig deeper into your thoughts nightly and remove any resentment, muck, icky underlying feelings immediately by confronting the tough stuff first. Most importantly clean up the confusion from misunderstanding BEFORE they happen.

When we don’t review our impact on the world, and only roll through daily life on a whim, our emotional filter tends to get clogged.

After a while, that time your best friend stole your favorite Spanx will eat at you into a long volcano list of resentment. Resolve that jazz before it becomes something bigger by working on validating your thoughts daily.

And seriously, it takes all of 5 minutes a day before bed or 5 minutes in the morning. Surveys have proven that better sleep and mental clarity increase focus; therefore bumping up your income status, expanding your dreams, creating a centered sense of self and hence a higher quality life for yourself.

It’s all about the critical baby steps daily. Focus on those for maximum results.

pillar Strategy Numero Tres:

Bed hair. We wake. We rush. We wish we had MORE time!

From the moment we rise, we define who we are AND how our day will develop. Create a morning routine you can stick to for 15 minutes a day.

It should be a three parter.

Self-care, Mental Clarity, Physical Health.

Here is a morning routine example set:

Option Number 1:
It’s as easy as having a 5-minute make-up routine.
Make bed daily while running through the top 3 critical, non-negotiable, tasks you need to do today.
Throw in your pre-chopped omelet into the pan and do 1 TABATA set.

Nothing complex here. Seriously 15 minutes. See how simple.

Let’s try another.

Option Numero 2:
Unroll your hair from rollers while listening to meditation.
Prep all of your kid’s items the night before in bags and have them do a set of squats with you before you go out the door.
Have your partner make breakfast while you run through a notepad of bullet point ideas in the morning, crossing off what’s not needed until your meal is ready.

Yes, not everything will apply, and these are ideals, but the core point is what I want you to focus on. Make it CRAZY simple for you to stick to. Fun is ideal, but the most important is an impact.

How will three sets of 5 minutes routines change your life forever? How can I create significant habits ( with the smallest effort ) that support my day?

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Let’s recap.

By prioritizing these three strategies daily, you can not only reach goals, feel great about yourself, communicate like an angel but impact life & business. Sounds too good to be true right?

Well yes, in a way it is. These are super simple ways that will give you extraordinary results because they mean big boss business.

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